Cuz it’s Hot(WA salty remix)

Weekend Assignment #327: Beat the Heat!

Summer is well underway now. If you live in the northern hemisphere, the days are long and the sun is on its way to being about as hot as it gets in your particular climate. How do you stay cool when the weather gets hot?

Extra Credit: If you’ve ever relocated hundreds of miles to a new home, did the climate play a role in your decision to move?

How do I stay cool? Jason Lee in Dogma said it best:

"Of all humanity’s sins, I love central air the most."

Now as a nature loving Pagan, I’m sure I should be out running through the cool forests, lounging at a beach,and otherwise enjoying natures treasures.There are two problems with that. One is that I’m Swedish and fair skinned, and so is the rest of my family. If I was meant tot go out in the middle of the day in the Carolinas in July and August, the gods would not have made me white. I have noticed, since moving here, that my definition of hot has changed. I used to think 85 was hot and anything above 90  was stay in the house and hide time. Now I don’t think that until the temp is above 95 and the humidity is above 60 percent. So if you think all of this means that I’m indoors all the time, you’re also dead wrong. Summer just means adjusting the time you do thing. Mowing is now strictly an evening activity. I managed to overheat a gas mower last year by mowing at noon during a hundred degree day. I’ve since learned to mow at dusk, through clouds of mosquitoes.

But summer isn’t all bad. The weather here is one of the reasons we left Wisconsin. I do occaisionally miss real winters, until I recall one of the trips we’ve made back during the winter. I don’t mind snow too much unless I have to drive in it. We get snow here, but it’s usually gone within hours. And gods as my witness,from October to March, I ain’t coming north unless some one’s dead. So all you folks at home, nobody die until spring, OK?

I’m also taunting the gods of summer yet again by going to Warped Tour. This year it’s supposed to be 96 degrees and sunny. Last year it poured off and on, and my favorite band on the tour, Bad Religion, had to stop their set due to lightning. Some of the Xtians in the audience claimed it was god’s will. I think the Gods listen to the fury of nature and the laughter of kids for music.

So that’s what I do for beating the heat. I also drink lots of fluids, get plenty of bed rest. No wait,that’s for the flu. Oh well, you get the point.

Extra Credit: See above for weather and our move.