Return from the dead part 1: Weekend Assignment

Weekend Assignment #359: Career Day 2
It’s often said that most people will change careers several times over the course of their working lives. If money, age and educational resources were all conducive to your trying another line of work, would you do so? If so, what new career would you choose?
Extra Credit: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Would I keep doing what I’m doing? As much as I enjoy some days, it’s not what I’d prefer to be doing. I can think of dozens of jobs I’d rather be doing. Or not doing ,in the case of my safe deposit job I used to have. If’ I’d been emotionally able to write then, I’d have finished a ten novel series by now.But let’s see, dream jobs, in no particular order:
1) Book/music store owner: Remember all those Media Play stores that sold books, music and movies? I’d love to own one of those, only much cooler and without the corporate whoredom those jobs seem to entail.
2)Cable Phone Support: Free cable and doing nothing to help anyone? Sounds like fun ,and could work on my writing inbetween  cals from people looking for the “any” key.
3)Radio Talk Show host: I lied, this should be number one. If I could have any job or career,It would have to be Art Bell, the guy who originated the best late night talk show on radio, Coast to Coast AM. I’d get to stay up all night, make good money, and discuss conspiracy theory, UFOs, ghosts  and quantum physics.  And people would put me in great commercials. (Go Youtube Art Bell Harris Teeter commercial, and then thank me later)
4) Rock star: I know you said if age wasn’t an issue, but in this case, it would be talent that would needed to be not an issue
5)Rapper: See the talent memo above.
6)Law Enforcement: I think I could  do this  one easily, with enough time. I love the idea of solving crimes and answering mysteries. Besides my age and physical  limits, I really think solving crimes woudl be fun.
7) CIA Analyst: I love arguing politics, and trying to figure out what politicos are up to. I imagine the job is something like that. And I really wouldn’t do well in the field ,though.
8) Game programmer: Just so I could write a version of Mafia Wars that doesn’t rip off their artists.
9) Movie Producer: After seeing Skyline, I feel I’m overqualified in the brains  and taste department to do this, but I’d do it just so I could stop garbage like Furry Vengeance and get some Heinlein and  Moorcock, not to mention Elfquest, on the screen.
10) Pagan Televangelist: I’ve always wanted to be the first.  I’ve done in a LARP , I’d love to try it in real life.