Mr. Graffiti Artist, bomb this wall!(WA is back)

Weekend Assignment #333: Writing on the Wall

Have you ever written on a bathroom wall, or left graffiti anywhere at all? Confess! I promise we’ll go easy on you! How do you feel about the ethics of graffiti, and the level of discourse sometimes found in illicit art and messages in public places?

Extra Credit: If you were to leave a message to the world on a public wall, what would it be?

As an older male who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, I’ve experienced graffiti in all it’s forms, both positive and negative.I think graffiti, like most things the public considers immoral or illegal, needs to be regulated ,licensed and taxed.

Growing up, I had mostly negative thoughts about graffiti. That’s because the graffiti I saw was left by drunks and gangs. Yes the suburbs had gangs in the 70’s they were just smaller and less nasty. The other was of the so-and -so loves so-and so variety. I’ve never climbed a water tower to declare my love. Most girls I know prefer a man climb the promotion tower to win their love.

It wasn’t until high school that I saw actual graffiti art. It had taken the Breakin movies to get kids interested in graffiti as art. It started popping up with more frequency during the late 80’s especially as I’d ride the train into Chicago for fun.  Then it seemed to disappear until the turn of the century, when the 80’s revival brought everything from then back, except stirrup pants(thank gods).

So what should be done about graffiti? I like Jello Biafra’s idea that buildings should be coated with a peel off epoxy , so you could take the graffiti art off and hang it in galleries. This would also help with young males who feel the need to spray their name, without art, like a dog marking it’s territory.

I think if you’re putting up gang graffiti, you should be publicly tarred and feathered. You want to publicly proclaim you’re a criminal? Fine, let’s publicly treat you as one. Gang graffiti is a control tool and shouldn’t be tolerated by any self-respecting community. 

Extra credit: If I had to leave one message to the world, it would read:

My wife, my daughter, and my stepdaughters are the best women in the world. Period.